Cheryl Wirch-Ryckman

Manager, Membership & Online Services at Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

Cameron is a strong global thinker who applies his programming skills to overcoming operational inefficiencies and challenges. He is unafraid of venturing outside the status quo to move a company forward. His hard work and vision were both important assets for our team.

Rick O'Connor

President and Chief Executive Officer at Black Press Group

I would recommend Cameron's work especially with respect to internet based information projects which improve a company's efficiency. He is an outside the box style thinker and problem solver. His work is excellent and his solutions stand the test of time and technological improvement.

David J Blair

New Media Manager, Black Press Group

I hired Cameron Smith in 2004 to fit a position within the New Media department of Black Press. This position, programmer for Internet initiatives, had been a tough job to fill and Cameron's knowledge of the industry, combined with his skills in the area of print production automation made him a great fit. I've worked both side-by-side with, and as manager to, Cameron on a number of projects over the past 8 years.

Cameron is involved in a variety of Internet-related projects for Black Press, tying together the print and business side of the community newspaper industry with the web side. Unlike some programmers I've worked with, Cameron understands the big picture of this business, and instills a high level of confidence in management that the details will be dealt with in a professional manner.

Cameron has a skill set that is easily adaptable to any industry that is shifting from bricks and mortar to online initiatives and will bring a professional technical voice to the table to ensure your projects stay focused. I look forward to working with Cameron on more projects in the future, and would not hesitate to hire him.