Web Designer/Unix System Admin

Cutting Edge Technology Services, 2013+

Website design and migration, using Wordpress and Drupal. Setup and maintenance of OS X, Debian, Ubuntu and FreeBSD systems. Installation of XenServer hypervisor and OwnCloud cloud server.

Programmer/Unix System Admin

Black Press Group Ltd., 2004-2013

Development and maintenance of public and internal systems for company running 100+ community and daily newspapers. Maintained a bank of Unix servers, providing services such as file sharing, mail, dns (BIND), firewalls and authentication and authorization against an LDAP (Open Directory) directory. Created monitoring, log analysis and automation tools using bash, perl and other utilities. Created full apps with user interfaces for workflow and system administration.

Notable systems for which I was the principal designer and developer:

AdTracker: internal web app; provides staff at all newspapers a graphical tool to exchange ads and monitor, in real time, the production-flow status of incoming and outgoing ads.
retrieveRets.sh: bash, sed, awk; script which retrieves data from a RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) server and converts it into a format suitable for input to an automated page layout system.

UserAccounts: perl modules, Obj-C; used by other systems for authentication and authorization, using either an Open Directory or sql database for backend user storage.
DNS: configuration; BIND9 system for external and internal service of over 400 Black Press domains, master and multiple slaves, forwarding, non-forwarding, recursing, non-recursing, multiple views.


Cutting Edge Technology Services, 14 years

Development of automation systems for newspaper and catalogue publishers. Workflow design and production flow analysis. Newspaper website design, creation, and maintenance. Content management system creation. User training. Editorial consulting and services. Graphic production services.

Notable clients included:

Auto Trader Publications (Coquitlam, BC), complete automation system, with sql backend, MacOS training.
Raincoast Books (Vancouver, BC), complete automation system, with sql backend, for data input, automated pagination of their book catalogues, training.
Bremerton Sun (Bremerton, WA), workflow automation, training.
North Shore News (North Vancouver, BC), workflow automation, training on conversion from dedicated typesetters to Macintosh.
Barnacle Press (Salt Spring Island, BC), newspaper website creation and maintenance, training.